Simple Holiday Decor

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

For those of you who aren't into a whole months worth of holiday posts you might want to check back in here after January first. I love the sparkle and coziness and scent of pine trees and traditions of Christmas and I just can't help but fully indulge in this on the blog. Not to mention this is quite a busy time for me in my shop, and with that, I usually end up having to live a bit vicariously through the internet until things slow down for me - which is usually right before the holidays get here. I do love to put up a few decorations though. However because I still need to keep my house functional and have the ability to spread my work out during this time I really love simple holiday decorations that don't take over the whole house, yet still feel very festive. Like these ones. 

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  1. I spent some time pinning Scandinavian holiday decorations last night for just this reason. The simplicity. A plain garland. A simple wreath. Small trees. It'll never fly around here, I'm afraid. We're pretty entrenched with our decorations, but I'm tempted. Oh, how I'm tempted.

  2. I love this. Super simple. Since I live in a home where we are constantly travelling, I have hardly any Xmas decorations at all at our house. (We won't be spending Christmas here). A few red candles, a little santa and a Christmas table cloth. Voila! Have a fantastic pre- and main Christmas, hope you sell out and the best of wishes for a new year. X

  3. I wish I were one of these types of people. But I'm not. Tacky Christmas decor or bust. Stuffed animals of the Muppet Babies dressed up in their Christmas best? Glittery ornaments? Singing Santa Clauses? YES YES YES. It's probably because I still have a child's adoration for the holiday that I can't mature past these things into a simple, monochrome decor. Sorry not sorry ;) xo

    1. if it makes you feel better glitter is definitely apart of my 'simple' decor and i have a set of rudolph the red-nosed reindeer pushy ornaments that always make out no matter what. i like both for sure. xo

  4. i love bringing nature indoors and letting her "do her thang", especially this time of year with evergreens and threir amazing fragrance!

  5. these look fabulous. I can do xmas in small doses.

  6. I love to decorate my home in December, but usually go for something simple to make it more festive. And I think this year I'm going to buy a tree at least a week earlier (we usually get one a week before Christmas), because I want to enjoy it a bit longer, especially that these weeks leading up to Christmas are in fact what I love the most about December.

  7. I'm having a love/hate relationship with the holidays at the moment. I love that they're here. I love the pomp and circumstance that comes with them every year. But I'm so not ready. I'm the most behind I've ever been, although I'm slowly making progress in the gift department. Yeeesh, just thinking about it is giving me anxiety


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