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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I often talk here about books I am reading or that I want to read, but just last night I realized I read a lot of children's books and I never mention those. It's one of my favorite parts of parenting, snuggling in with a new book or a well-loved one that can never be read too many times. So today I rounded-up a very (very) small selection of some of my favorites. I included a couple modern favorites like B.J Novak's The Book With No Pictures (there's a great clip of him reading it here; it's a perfect one to read aloud with toddlers and young kids). A few that became so dear to me from raising my first boy like The Story of Ferdinand, (oh, I used to think that book was written just for him). But truth be told my very favorites are ones that I remember from my childhood and when I read them to my littles I feel like I am introducing old friends - like one of my all-time favorites Tikki Tikki Timbo and Caps for Sale (and the giving tree and, oh no! corduroy isn't on here! (seriously the guilt I feel for not including about 100 more is almost too much!)). Right now we are working through The Secret Garden at bedtimeanother of my favorites. Do you have any favorites that you read with your kids or books that you remember from your childhood? 

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  1. Oh "Ferdinand!" I grew up with "Ferdinand" and loved that book so, so much. So many of these are familiar to me, either from my childhood or Cal's. Reading was key for us too, for sure. I want to hear more about "This is Not My Hat." That one looks dear. Once we were onto chapter books, all of the Moomin books, over and over. And Neel and Cal had a real Tin Tin thing going for years. I sometimes think they could still cuddle up and read that. :)

  2. These are all on my list of books to gift to those of my friends with kids - I am most definitely their very own Book Fairy. If I had a good excuse to collect them myself, I would as well. And Jon Klassen is one of my most favourite illustrators

  3. we gave 'this is not my hat' to august for christmas. i thought that because of his fascination with Nemo he'd take right to it, but he's at age right now we're he won't stay in my lap reading for long before running off to play with some random toy that caught his eye. ha! i love the book though, it's funny and i like the gumption of that little fish (though i do worry about his disappearance at the end, yikes!).
    i'm intrigued by 'the book with no pictures". a modern favorite, you say? i'm with you though, reading books from my own childhood is really special. i still have my 'little engine that could' little golden book, which i have yet to retrieve from my mother's house, but will definitely be going to august.

  4. Oh, do I ever! I am so prepared for when I have a kid, haha. I can't wait to re-read my favorites again (not that I don't do it from time to time now, but it is less strange if there's a kid involved, oui?). I love that you read to your boys. It's the best thing. xo

  5. Well, two of my favourite childhood books are Peter Pan and The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. I could never get enough of those two. Usually my parents had to but my brother and me two copies of the same book, because we would fight over them, but those two were just mine, as my brother had other favourites.


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