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Friday, January 30, 2015

Well, here it is, this is that post. I am *officially taking a blogging break. As much as I originally thought I wanted to take a little blogging break exclusively to reflect critically about this space, my business, and my life online as a whole (streamline, redesign, and whathaveyou), as some of you know I’ve just made my life a lot busier by going to school full-time this term (and maybe next term too). That little addition to my life is taking up a lot of my time. It’s good. Now that I am 4 weeks in I do think it was just the thing I needed to do at this time in my life. But I also just remembered that this time is also the busiest time in my shop. Something has to give a little bit somewhere. Hopefully in between it all I'll still be able to get some of that critical thinking done.

But truth be told, selfishly, I hate it when other people go on blogging breaks. I get attached, and keeping-up, catching-up becomes a part of my routine. As much as I love house tours and lists of awesome finds and yummy recipes, I mostly love hearing about the people I have come to know through reading their blogs for months and even years. So when someone vanishes for a time I often wonder are they okay? are they coming back? i wonder what happened with their: kids, business, art, travels, move across oceans, and so on. Also, I like being in this space, it’s grounding for me. It’s a become a creature comfort. It's become a morning routine. What is cup of coffee without a blog? It's been a place where I've found friendships and support, inspiration and encouragement. It's a bit like home and if you know me at all by now, you know I am a homebody. 

*With that said I decided that during my break I will be posting once a week (likely on Mondays) with “currently posts,” (thanks Yelle for the idea!). That way I can still feel and stay connected to this space but without worrying too much about this space and enjoy this phase of busy in my life. Hopefully this will give me more time to check in with all of your spaces too. Without further ado, here is currently 01 . . .

currently / It's my birthday today! It's my very last year in my 30's (my that went fast) and I am determined to make it one of the best yet. 

doing / Lots of homework that consists of webpages that look like they are circa 1993 (i have a loooong way to go in the world of coding). 

enjoying / all the funny things my kids say. 

Me & Tiger Luca: you know what we should do for your birfday mama? Me: What's that? Luca: Where's that place where they keep the trapped animals? Me: What? Luca: You know where they trap the animals and we look at them? Me: The zoo? Luca: Yeah! 

Me & Allday Everyday  Me: are you still going to be an artist when you grow up? Milo: yeah. well, actually i already am an artist, so maybe i'll be tinkerbell.

in the works / Awhile ago I was approached by West Elm to be apart of West Elm Local. So I am currently working on getting their order ready before my deadline of the 16th (eek!). Soon pdx'ers will be able to get some of my goods at West Elm Portland! (yeah, i am pretty excited about that).

reading / All of my talk lately of hating change prompted me to put this book in my amazon cart the other day. So far, so good. 

watching / I just recently watched this movie on netflix and it actually made me miss social work (no small feat). It's a wonderfully authentic, moving, and honest story. 

wishing / Almost every single class I am taking right now is computer related. One of the programs I've been working with is Dreamweaver and I wish I didn't feel compelled to sing the song Dreeeeam Weeeaver whilst picturing Cassandra from Wayne's World the entire time I am working on it. Schwing!

finding / One of my diy's on House Beautiful and Elle Decor (now only if they'd put my work on their sites!). 

cooking / Lots of pasta now that I've discovered this gluten-free brand. Someday I hope they make french bread!

awaiting / Spring. Can you tell from these photos? I am ready for the flowers and light and the smell of fresh cut grass and longer days. 

grateful for / Far friends who feel ever so close.

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  1. Oh, this lovely, lovely post. What a great way to celebrate your last year in your 30s and begin the approach to a new decade. (I'll just say, as an aside, that despite some bumps, my 40s have been my best decade yet, and I'm not quite half way through.) And such celebratory good news! I'm squealing with joy inside and out for you, and I can't wait for what the new year brings.

    I had a friend, a cook book author, just turn 50 and she did a similar post on Facebook, looking back. It was really lovely to read, and one of her comments was similar to yours: My, that happened fast! XOXO

    1. Thank you! I've loved my 30's so I really want to make sure this last year is a good one. End them with some sort of a bang (or at least some satisfaction). xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I love this "currently" is such a great idea! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You know, I won't even give you crap for taking this blog break (not that I would have any way, it makes so much sense for you right now and I won't be selfish even though waaah I'm going to miss you!) because IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAYYY YAAAY! Happiest of birthdays, sweet thing. I want to make a special pilgrimage to Portland now to see your work in West Elm!! How thrilling!! What a good birthday present.
    Will you still be on Instagram? I don't think I could take losing you entirely! xoxo

    1. thanks!! and worry not, like i said in this post, i'll be here once a week. i am also hoping the break/scaling back gives me a little time for picture-taking and keeping up with IG. xoxo

  4. hi again! when i read the first sentence i was really bummed :( like you said, how will i know if you're alright, if you're sad, or if you're happy, or if you're busy, or if the weather sucks, or if it's great? i'm glad you'll be doing currently's, they are quick and easy prompts and are like a little amuse bouche for those of us that can't wait for life to settle in for a little bit :)

    and your goods at west elm portland?!!? that is HUGE! congrats!

    ps. happy birthday darling!

    1. thank you, thank you and thank you. i was having hard time knowing i needed a break from blogging but also knowing that the intention of my break had changed (and might be a bit longer). and the thought of abandoning this space indefinitely definitely didn't feel like what i wanted to do. so when i remembered the currently posts you had done i thought it would be a perfect way to both be here and take a break! xo

  5. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and still look forward to seeing what you have been up to in your currently posts. X

  6. Wishing you the best (as always) during your blogging break and with your schoolish endeavours. And what the what - West Elm AND DIY?? Congratulations! Your work is finally starting to get the recognition that we all knew it deserved. I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration this weekend

  7. good, I'm glad you are not disappearing completely. seems like a lot of people have toned it down with blogging anyways. like you, I like to stay in touch. I would miss you if you'd go for good. xoxo

  8. I am so glad you are still going to blog once a week during your break. I am very selfish too when it comes to the very, very few blogs I read regularly. And I have to agree with you on one more thing, that my blog is very grounding for me too, I think I've already mentioned that a few times.

    Happy belated birthday! May a few more of your dreams come true this year, Christine!

    And congratulations on your West Elm collaboration! Such wonderful news! To many more!

  9. i'm with you, keeping up with and catching up on the lives of friends from within this blogging community has become a wonderful and comforting part of my daily routine. i'm so glad you will be popping in and these "currently" posts, which are a fantastic way of doing that. xo

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