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Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello! I miss being here! I know I've said it a few times in my last sporadic posts but life, oh, it's had me in its grip lately. My lack of posting last week was because one of my littles had a (very) minor surgery and whilst he was in surgery and I was in the waiting room, my trusty macbook pro died. The blue screen of death. Which came at a most inopportune time for more reasons than just being left computer-less in the waiting room. Life has been a little like that lately. But, again, I am going to save most of the details of all the things I've been leaving out for another post. Much to say. 

One of the newer and more awesome things in my life of late is my wide angle lens. I was feeling a little beat down one day and I realized I hadn't been taking any photographs with my camera in weeks, which is not my norm. So in a moment of thinking you should do something nice for yourself, and wanting to get back to something that grounds me, I decided to buy the coveted wide angle lens I've been dreaming about for years now. 

I've been busy, mentally and actually lately, and with that I haven't taken it out much. Only twice in fact. The first time was where these photos came from. It was on a very early and foggy morning walk alone at the golf course across from my house. And as I was looking through my wide angle lens I realized that maybe it meant more to me than just a piece of equipment to add to my camera bag. Maybe it was a tangible form of what I've personally been working on over the last few months. Looking at my life through a (figurative) wide angle lens. I am pretty good at being present and in the moment. So good in fact I think I can be too narrow focused. Too intent on what is right in front of me, not thinking about what may be building up around and behind me. I came to realize that's been happening for awhile now and I've really needed to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Feel the feelings. Take inventory and risks. Make boundaries and changes. Have a little sharper focus and a lot less bokah in the background of my life (to continue the with the photography analogies, but I promise I am done now).  As for the lens itself, I am so happy I finally pulled the trigger and I can't wait to spend a lot more time with it. 


  1. Oh HOORAY! I'm so happy to see some shots from this, and these photos feel so YOU.

    You've had a lot thrown at you lately, haven't you? That computer was the final straw, I think. Really. Really. And I'm so glad you took care to get something for yourself. It really honors something deep, (something aside from "shopping is hope for the future!") to tend to your creative needs, and this was very necessary, I think.

    And I could continue the photography analogies for days! There's a young woman in my 365 group (ahem). She's young and enthusiastic and *passionate* about photography. She has a good eye, for sure. But like many beginners, it's all about the blur for her. So much so that her photos lack clarity. I'm glad you're focusing (har har) on clarity. Broadening your view. And didn't you tell me this lens was manual focus? All the better. Slow down and look around. XO

  2. These are beautiful images! Sending lots of love, light, and wishes for peace for your way. Life happens an we'll see you when it's going a bit easier on you!

    xx Kathryn

  3. Well no wonder you've been absent around here, you've had more than your fair share of reasons! I hope the wee ones are okay after the surgery, and that your other other baby (RIP macbook) finds a good home in computer heaven or the genius bar of your local Apple store, where it can be revived. In the meantime, at least, you can play around with your new lens! I have a 28mm that I only use occasionally, but every time I think about selling it, I just can't. Which one did you get? xo

  4. you've been missed around these parts! i'm sorry to hear the reason for your absense, but i trust you little one had a speedy recovery and is back to his wild self. the blue screen of death is is a tragic end that i hope is symbolic of the rest of your troubles finally coming to an end. i know you will find clarity by looking at your life through a new lens. xo

  5. Love the pics that have come out of your new lens and I'm also with you. I've been taking things a bit too seriously and need to just let loose a little more. Everything is so regimented and structured and every minor detail is micromanaged to the nth degree. Looking forward to reading about your path of progress

  6. I was wondering about you. I hope all is well at home. as well as it can be. and yeah to your new lens. your analogy really spoke to me. I was wondering myself how much of being present and focused locks you into a little bubble and makes you lose the bigger picture. looking forward to your wide angle view of the world xoxo


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