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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

One of the things I would love to have someday is a blue velvet sofa. And an apartment in Paris of course. Though I've watched house hunters international and I don't think I could even afford one of those ones that is about 100 square feet with a hot plate and a 12 inch high loft. Though, if I were going to daydream about a Paris apartment, I think it would look a lot like this. It satisfies all of my never-been-to-paris imaginings. Traditionally ornate, contemporarily chic, and infused with a wide array of art. 

But back to life in Portland which has slowed down for us here just the tiniest of bits. I had a stroke of luck with getting some big things done right as we got the long weekend and the spring-like weather we've been having this week. It's been glorious and reminds me that I am, in general, a much happier and productive person when I'm not chilled to the bone. We even have some cherry blossoms blooming and crocuses springing up from the ground now.

And thank you for all your lovely and supportive comments on my last post. Milo's long hair is still blowing in the wind. We spent some time talking about what makes us all special and how everybody is different in one way or another. And then we did a little image googling of men with long hair, you know Native American warriors, ancient Germanic warriors, and 1990's Brad Pitt. 


  1. Lush! Just imagine having an apartment in Paris......

  2. WELL. I mean, of course I am your target audience for this post, haha. I actually have another Parisian apartment post for tomorrow, but it is nowhere near as eclectic and "lived in" as this one. The personality of the owners really shines on through. Why can't I have a full wall of subway tile in my kitchen though? Or black-frame windows? Or an apartment in Paris?? Maybe if we pool our money we could go in together on an apartment that had a real over and a 24-inch loft space? Like she said in Juno, "WHOA dream big!" ;) xo

  3. i love how saturated everything looks against the white walls and natural wood, very cool.
    SO happy to hear milo stayed true to himself. what an awesome idea to show him pictures of men with long hair. i mean, brad pitt! enough said. ;)

  4. Ha! I love it that you ended that post with 1990s Brad Pitt. :) That gave me a nice smile. I just adore this Paris apartment. It might be my favorite of any I've seen. I tried to figure out why, and I think it's because it feels the most real. I let out a little squeal when I saw that sofa and then another when I saw that there were TWO! Yes, please. Oh, and pretty please to a wall of subway tile. Amazeballs.

    Cherry blossoms blooming? Negative digits here tomorrow.

  5. How beautiful!!! This place has so many amazing pieces, and I'm so glad to hear that Milo kept his long hair! :)

  6. That sofa is just absolutely beautiful! I mean, it's a work of art. Is that weird to say about a piece of furniture? But seriously, it's swoonworthy.

    Happy to hear that you some luck with getting big projects done!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  7. Oh 1990s Brad Pitt... you picked some good ones. Also, Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans :)

  8. I can never resist a spacious and beautifully decorated living room with a fire place in it like this one featured here. But what ia love even more is the bedroom an oasis of quietness and calm, just as it should be. Happy to hear amino has decided to keep his hair long, it suits him so well. Have a great weekend, Christine!

  9. oh wow, what a place. but I can't help but imagine the prize tag that comes with something that size...

    ps: I'm glad the hair-affair calmed down. I admire how you handled it. xoxo


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