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Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Friday (the 13th). I have to admit I do have my superstitions, like I try really hard to not step on cracks in the sidewalk, I knock on wood, and wish on falling stars. But Friday the 13th isn't one of them. So far it's in fact turning out to be a lucky day for us here with temperatures hitting the 70's. Although this relentless migraine I've been dealing with the last few days is making me wonder if I am getting too much sun? 

Planning / I am actually going to have a spring break myself for the first time in forever and not just one that is lived vicariously through my children's school schedule. I am finishing up my last project for this term and I think one of the things I've missed most about school is that feeling of looking forward to the breaks between terms. That sweet reprieve of nothingness. Even if there isn't such a thing as nothingness in my life, it sounds pretty good. I bought this book and this book and over the break I am going to dig even deeper in my closets for my annual spring cleaning ritual.  You can find me here next year, same time, same place, talking about the same thing. I am on a never-ending journey of achieving a minimalist lifestyle with a house full of boys, a dog, and a business ran out of my house.

Reading + LookingThis essay by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge. This photography series of photos that are 'too hard to keep'

Working / Last time I talked about my collaboration with West Elm I promised myself it would be the last time (for awhile at least, honestly I didn't think there'd be much more to say on it) but this week I got a re-order from them. And I have to say that getting an order from West Elm in the first place is exciting, but there is always the fear in the back of ones mind (mine) what if they don't sell? So, for me, I think getting another order from them (and so soon after the first was dropped off) is much more thrilling. So I will be busy working on that too over my upcoming "break."

Mothering / Just for a little update on my Milo he's totally fine and back to his Allday Everyday self. I realized this this week when I took him shopping and he went straight for a pair of cheetah leggings, a 'shine and sparkle' my little pony tee, and a Darth Vader toothbrush. I don't think Milo can do anything but Milo, and that's exactly as it should be. Also, thanks to everyone who pointed out how amazing his optimism is, you are right. 

Have a happy weekend! 

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  1. Aside from the migraines, and as you know I'm sharing your particular malady right now, these are all good updates! Great updates! If I had the energy I'd totally be digging into closets right now. I'm at the point in my chronic pain where I can do one thing a day, and that's it. This comment might be my one thing today. ;) (Also, have you considered a sinus infection? I'm sure that's what's up with me, but I can't get to the doc until Monday.) I'm headed to our brand new WE in the next week or so to check out their local section but I feel SURE they can't be as stellar as yours! Happy break! XOXO

  2. have you read "essentialism" yet? it's next up on my list, but i've heard it's a good one for inspiration/insight into the minimalist mindset. isn't spring cleaning so cathartic?

    and congrats on the west elm re-order. that's huge! so, so happy for you!

    happy friday the 13th (i always get ridiculously giddy when the the 13th falls on a friday, like how people go crazy on full moons. that's me. hehehe!) and enjoy your spring break!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post, and the images are so beautifully calming! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. sounds like good news overall. I missed Friday the 13th. I only realized what it was well after midnight. lucky me :)

  5. Wonderful updates all around! Happy hear Milo is back to being his wonderful Milo-self. (Oh, My Little Pony! My brother used to torture me over my collection when I was a kid. "They're MY little ponies." "No, that's what they're called: 'My Little Pony.''" "Right, MY little ponies." "No, they're mine!" "That's what I said. MY little ponies." I would love to point out that he was 30 at the time :) xo

  6. omg milo's taste in clothing is divine. can he please come spruce up my wardrobe a bit? bc cheetah leggings on him would look adorable and i bet he could pick out some fun pieces that would look adorable on me. also, congrats on the re-order from west elm! amazing!

  7. Congrats on the West Elm re-order and I'm so happy to hear about little Milo. I hope you're finding a bit of time for yourself amidst all the craziness that is growing children and school. I literally hid in my closet with a book last night and read a chapter... yep it's gotten to that point

  8. What a serene compilation of photos! Spring break sounds good and another order from West Elm even better. Nice to hear about Milo, I am sure his optimism is catchy.


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