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I am Christine editor and writer of TPN, mother of 3 wonderful boys in my native land of the Pacific Northwest, specifically Portland, Oregon. I am also the owner of and designer behind my two home decor shops: Plumed on Etsy and Plumed Shop.

I am a former Domestic Violence advocate and shelter director, a former Parent Educator, former barista, waitress (worst waitress ever, btw), data enterer, college student, assistant pre-school teacher, nanny, fast food cashier, house painter . . .

Now I spend my time blogging and designing home decor products from my home in Portland, Oregon with my sweet babes at my heels. Life is sweet. 

What am I all about? What is this blog all about? 
The answers lie somewhere between the lines in this little list:

i love old farm houses as much as a modern house that hangs off a cliffside.
i love plastic or metal chairs with sheepskin. 
i love coffee with cream in the day. (but can only drink my coffee black at night)
cats and carpets are my enemies (allergies) - which i guess means, this isn't a place to find cute cat pictures.
i love vintage glamour fashion though i don't dress that way at all. picture boots, leggings, long tank tops and long cardigans - every. single. day. i live fashion in a virtual way, where i dress amazingly chic and have millions of dollars and wear a size 2. 
i love twins (especially my 5 year old twin boys - so you will probably see their faces here and there) 
having a teenager isn't nearly as scary as i thought it would be. though, i feel not nearly far enough away from being one myself to have one (no matter what the numbers say).
i love estate sales.
there is a book in / on every surface and every corner of my house; whether or not i have been reading lately or not. i love to read, a lot (books are my security blanket.)
i love crafting and diy projects. 
if an inanimate object was my bff it would be my macbook and my favorite coffee cup.
i wish i had a garage. pinterest is my pretend garage where i hoard stuff considering i have no room to do that in real life.
i wish i lived in the south of france.
favorite place that i have visited outside of the U.S: luxor, egypt. 
i prefer writing in all lower-case, because i am lazy.
i love super spicy food. 
favorite place to visit in the U.S: savannah georgia. i love the south!
exposed brick is my favorite.
i was a vegetarian for 18 years - now i eat chicken and turkey. sorry birds. 
i love reality tv (i know, i know but seriously i love it)
i love places where there is the smell of food cooking on the street and the sound of horns honking nearby. 
i love old beaten up farm house tables.
i definitely believe in ghosts.  
i have fresh cut flowers in my house 90% of the time.
i believe those who wander are most likely the least lost of all.
i probably would not put granite counters in my house if i could but i rent so it's a moot point. 
i love foreign films and where my television taste is non-existent i am super opinionated about films. one is for entertainment the other for art. so support your indie film makers! (see, i told you i was opinionated on that)
i love incense, yummy candles, the smell of fresh flowers and a campfire. 
i love the sound of walking on gravel roads and sidewalks filled with leaves that crunch under your feet.
i believe in being humble and kind. 
two things fire me up: equal rights and violence. we should always have the former and never have the latter. the social worker in me is running a constant essay paper on the social constructs of just about everything. 
you wouldn't want to see the state of my closets! if i can't see the mess it doesn't exist, right?
i love sad music. (and music that makes you want to dance)
i love instagram but i totally can't figure out how to use it properly. 
add twitter to that list of things i can't figure out. 
i am an early bird and a night owl and i hate naps (this equals not a lot of sleep!)
i love to write lists. take notes. jot things down. i have at any given time several spiral notebooks around my house that i write in. problem is i never go back and read them. it's a bad system but one i can't break. 

Thanks for visiting! Leave me a comment, tell me about yourself, link to your site or blog - I'd love to know more about you too!!


  1. I love this! I think I've read it twice now. ;)

  2. This sounds so fascinating. Having to work my bio over again, I now have an idea of how it could turn out better. Thanks already for that and of course I'll add your blog to my reading list, I'll definitely be back.
    from twins mother to twins mother over the big ocean,
    all the best,

  3. Umm, clearly you need to rewrite this because I love your Instagram...

  4. awww I really like you! I'm an artist who went back to school for a masters in OT and now I moved to Germany (from Canada) and I like and love and care about a lot of the same things you do! xo, new friend!

  5. A mother who loves life, and also knows how to live better.


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