Magazine Display Hacks

Thursday, July 24, 2014

One of the things I haven't tackled yet in my seemingly never-ending house de-cluttering, is all of my magazines. I have so many and most (we're talking 90%) haven't even been cracked open yet. So every time I think about tossing them out I end up just shoving them back in their respective dust ridden resting places. At some point I don't know what kind of list I got on but I was getting at least 10 free subscriptions, everyday it seemed I'd get another magazine dropping through my slot. And, really, I would like to go through and look at them, but there is so many it's overwhelming. I saw a few of these pins and thought maybe if I found a way to display a few at a time I could actually start flipping through them. Though I am not completely confident on that, I do have one hanger on my bathroom that I have had an H&M catalog in since, well, I think it was a fall issue of last year (see why this cleaning spree is taking me so long?), and before that I think it was a vanity fair that hung there for about ten months before that. Really the only magazine I always read front to cover and love keeping a collection of is this one. One of my other long neglected goals is to submit something to them someday.

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Kids Room Wall Ideas

Thursday, July 17, 2014

So the thing about decorating kids rooms is there are so many freaking adorable ideas. With the rest of my house, while I love many things and many styles, there is just something engrained in me that gravitates pretty heavily towards vintage/modern. No matter what design styles I am currently coveting, or what I buy, or how I try to decorate my house, it always ends up going in the same direction and having a similar vibe. As much as 'things' in my house have changed/rotated in and out, or as I have tried to "drastically" change things up at different times in my life I can always look around and see that this has always been me. It just evolves. Never really changes. Kids rooms, though. Even within one style like vintage or modern, or black and white, or colorful or whimsical there is so many wonderful ideas and directions one can go. And I tend to love them all! But having kids and kids rooms for years now, I do know it's best to pick a style and stick with it, which I am trying to do (so hard). For some reason the chaos of toys that ensues in a child's room looks a little less crazy if it has a styled backdrop behind, under and around them. So while I know I want to go with a pretty simple color palette and in a more minimal direction (black/white/grey/ and of course a splash of pink for milo) I feel like before I go any further I need to decide what to do with the walls. I think there is bound to be more painting in my very near future. I have to give this pin honorable mention, because while it's not the direction I am going in, every time I see this image I swoon a bit. 

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Double Occupancy

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Do you remember when I talked about redoing my twins bedroom way back when? If not, no worries it was awhile ago, eleven months to be exact. I still haven't gotten around to it. Time, money, space. Space, money, time.  And of course the indecision that plagues me whenever I have the chance to make big changes. Not to mention their room is tiny, so I've felt limited in the whats and hows. But much to my happy surprise my oldest decided he wanted the smaller room (fresh start me thinks. sometimes it's easier to just move than clean), so I think it's finally going to happen. Yesterday we took the day to move him into their room. And now that Fisher's room is filled with abandoned objects that didn't make the cut into the new room, plus being filled willy-nilly with M+L's room full of belongings, many of which I realized we really could do without, we are going to use it as a temporary dump to pile other worn/tired/unused items into it. I am going to dig around my house and get rid of things that need to be gotten rid of, then clear it out all out and start over for M+L too. There very well may be yard sale in my future. 

I am still pretty indecisive in the direction I want to go, but with a bit larger of a room I will certainly have more options. These are a few images I have gathered for inspiration. I love bunk beds, but they terrify me. I am just not sure I can handle the daily stress of my children pushing each other off of them either in play or in haste. I would have to get one of those "___ days since last injury" boards. But that little house bunk bed! How cute is that? I also really like the end-to-end beds in the second photo. And considering we already have two similar beds that's the route I am gravitating towards. I was an only child so I never had a shared room. Right now they don't mind but I'd like to set it up so they can grow into it as well (again with the least injuries to each other as possible). Did any of you share a room with your sibling/s? Any advice you can give me on things you liked or hated or wished for? 

I am signing off for the week so I can start this giant project we now have set in motion, if I wait a minute too long I am afraid the whole thing will become a sort of monster under my bed that I cower and hide under my blankets from - I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

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Moodboard | Warm |

Thursday, May 15, 2014

We have gotten a little heatwave here in the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday was somewhere in the 90's (I am thinking that might be a record for this time of year - it was hot), so as you might guess my mood is of the warm and sunny variety. Monday I got my new sofa and, honestly, I have been obsessively decorating and redecorating the small perimeter of my house that my new couch takes up (and sorely neglecting everything else around it). In fact the rest of my house has simply become a holding pin for my sofa area decorations moving things in and out, making mountains of piles of things I need to find new spots for or get rid of (i really need to focus on doing the latter). I am sure I will go into more details about it all than you ever will want to know in a later post, but let me tell you this is the first time that I have seen an equal up and downside to designing prints and pillows. Oh, the combinations I have at my fingertips!! My old couch took up a lot of real estate so I have several coveted items that I have been hoarding until my new couch arrived (well before my new couch was a twinkle in my eye actually), and it's been hard to tear myself away from inside to enjoy the outside. But yesterday I moved my redecorating party to my patio and spent a little time planting my plants that were on the verge of a shriveled demise. My goal for the rest of the week is to begin the "unpiling" around my house, and with that as my goal I am sure I will have no problems skipping that plan for the sunshine and out of doors. 

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I am so happy that spring is here and I am really excited to start filling up the area I prepared a couple months back with some plants. But I am thinking that perhaps one of the reasons I have such a difficult time with plants is because the plants I like don't like Oregon weather. I always find myself gravitating towards the structural and textural elements of cacti and succulents. The large and luscious green leaves of tropical plants. I will say the last plant I got, my little fern, is still alive. In fact dare I say it's even grown a bit? I don't think I have ever said that in my life, even before my thumbs turned brown. I have kept plants alive, but never have I helped a plant to thrive. But ferns love wet climates, humidity and shade - all of which we have a'plenty here in the northwest. And when next week I go from working from sun up to sun down to having a little extra time in my days I'd really like to keep working on my garden area. I have been looking at pinterest for inspiration, but all my pins look like this. What to do. What to do. 

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Chalkboard Walls

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It seems chalkboard walls are here to stay. I am okay with that of course, there is something about them that I must admit I love too. I actually have two doors painted with black chalkboard paint. The truth is, though, I never use them because I feel like they look crazy and messy when I do - my handwriting is not good enough or straight enough, so I end up wiping everything I write down off, eventually obsessively trying to get all the chalk residue off. Why can't I love it as much in my own home as much as I do in these photos? I am not giving up though, for awhile now I have thought about making a chalkboard wall in M+L's room because someone (milo) really likes to draw on the walls. I think the perfect places are really the kids room and the kitchen (one of mine is on a small pantry door in my kitchen and I do actually use that one once in awhile). But how cute is that bathroom? I am not going to be painting my bathroom in chalkboard paint anytime soon myself, but I love the photo of it. What do you think about chalkboard walls? Yea or Nay?

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Can you believe it's Friday again already? I feel like this week went fast, but it could have something to do with the wonderful spring weather we have had, and if that's the reason, I won't complain. The last couple weeks I haven't only been digging in my garden and looking at fabric swatches, I have also been trying to get a bit more organized. In the behind-the-scenes sort of way. Designing and blogging are the fun parts. Creating and completing orders out are the have-to-right-now parts. Everything else I tend to put on my to-do lists over and over again - after I scratch off all those other things and deem I deserve a break. 

But my business is taking on a bit of a new direction/s, and they are ones that I have been nudging it in for awhile. But as has been my experience in having my own business and learning on the fly, things seem to "suddenly" happen. No matter how much I think on it, plan for it, or try to learn before hand (and i do all of those things extensively to decide what i think will work for me or not - even though i still don't/won't know until i try), well, it just doesn't match the experience of learning while doing. But that's probably true for me in everything. I am much more of a hands-on learner. So now that I am in the stage of "doing" and/or for-real planning, I am realizing little things like having 7000 email messages in my inbox, many of which are three years old(!), is kind of not that organized, and leaves me feeling as cluttered as my inbox. So yesterday I spent a good 5 hours (waaa!) deleting, sorting, moving and flagging emails. And if I could have a new years resolution do-over it would be to do this one simple task of organizing and deleting emails immediately. Every. Day. After my 5 hours, though feeling tired and dry-eyed, I was also feeling inspired to keep organizing - later. Here are some workspace takeouts I found if you are in the office/workspace spring cleaning mood. Next on my list is to do the same thing but with my photos. eek.

+ First I love love love this studio workspace by Smitten Studio. It could be the white walls, the oh-so-tall vaulted ceilings, the wonderful plants, the super cute puppy. But I think what really sealed the   lovin' feelings for me were the fabric swatches on the wall. Yes, I can imagine myself right there. 

+ Before and After office transformation. 

+ 31 Days of Spring Cleaning: Spring Clean Your Tech. This has, as you may have guessed, 31 ideas on cleaning up your gear, from setting up a cloud service to cleaning your camera lenses. I am definitely going to go through this list and make one of my own.

+ 25 Clever Ways to Keep Your Workspace Organized. Helpful ideas on desk Organization. I need to do this too. 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

Patio Pretty

Thursday, March 13, 2014

It may rain a lot in Portland but when it is nice outside it's simply beyond-words lovely. That was the day we had yesterday (and I think there's a bit more to come too!). With that I did a some more manual labor done outside in my garden area, pulling periwinkle (never plant that stuff it's evil!) and digging more dirt in an effort to level it all out to make way for the fence that will soon be going in (cross fingers / knock on wood!!). We also went for a long walk with a certain dog that pulls and pulls and digs her heels in when we go in any direction other than her "safe zone," so today my arms and back are sore and tired from all the pulling and digging. But it's worth it. For days like we had yesterday, it's very worth it. 

You may remember at the beginning of the year I said one of my goals was to prettify my garden/patio space, this lovely outdoor area from, from JL Design, has been floating around in my head since I first saw it a couple years back. I love the simplicity, the earthy tones, and those tea light on the fence are so pretty. 

It's Not Easy Being Green

Thursday, March 6, 2014

For my birthday a couple months back you may remember that I really wanted to get myself a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. But I haven't done so yet because I am so incredibly terrible with houseplants. I know part of my problem is I always buy cheapies from the grocery store on impulsive whims to try to give houseplant ownership another go. And everyone says that you should never buy houseplants from any place other than a nursery. But I don't listen, I keep doing it and they keep dying. I think I am afraid to find out the truth, that it's not where I get the plants, it's just me. But still I want one of these beautiful trees in my house, I'd even be happy with a little fern at this point if I could just keep it alive. But being as I can't seem to keep even an airplant alive so far, I have been showing a little restraint in my desire for a plant that likely costs more than all the plants I have ever bought altogether, and trying to find out how to actually care for house plants before I bring anymore into my house to inevitably place on death row. 

Here are a few links I have found if anyone else has the same killer instinct that I seem to have with plant life. (btw all these blogs are lovely and definitely worth the visit.)

Design Love Fest - House Plants 101 (also the source of the above image - so pretty! Have I mentioned I'd also love to have a studio?)

One Down

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

So far I have one clear decision down on my future sofa. That one thing is the color. I thought about going in all sorts of directions and I have long wished for a blue velvet sofa, or a fun color like this or this, but when it came down to it I have known what I always wanted and that's my old standby, my favorite color, grey. I have even decided on the style I like - it is this one. But the lovely woman from YSF who is helping  me suggested that for a little savings I could go with tthis style which can be made the same as the other but has button tufting as opposed to the the "grid tufting" in my first choice (i thought it was just folds in the fabric but apparently it's all sewn into a grid). Now I am one step forward and another back. I like saving money and I thought either tufting would be fine with me, but the more I look at the grid tufting the more I love it. 

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Dreamy Spaces

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

These are just a handful of spaces I am finding oh so dreamy at the moment. I am ready for some spring cleeeaaaaning! Unfortunately when I say spring cleaning I hear a little cha-ching go off in my brain, because what I really want to do is clean my house and buy new stuff to put in it. I also have fierce dreams of every cupboard and closet looking beautiful and organized like that middle picture - that would be dreamy.

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